Sunday, December 21, 2008

Hitting Parties 4, 5, and 6 out of the Park

So I'm at home in Walla Walla. And I thought I'd put the blog to rest, as I assume a large percentage of my audience is now in a stone's throw distance from me. But the MoM and the dAd have both been asking for write up the rest of my holiday parties. I think I'm about ready to be done writing about parties (and you might be done reading about them) so here it goes.

Party number 4 was a Christmas tree decorating party at the volunteer house sponsored by the volunteer corps board. Which in theory is perfect. A member of the board took Deanna and me to pick out a tree on Saturday morning. Deanna has never done this before, so we were both excited. We picked out a lovely tree and on Sunday the board came over to help us decorate it. and they brought us food, drinks, and even presents!

And this would have been perfect had I not woken up on Sunday morning with a terrible cold. So I drugged myself with cold meds, and propped myself up on the couch and let people come to visit me and my pile of Kleenex or leave me be for fear of germs. All in all a lovely party, but I would have enjoyed it much more if I had not felt miserable.

Party number five was the Samaritan Ministry staff party. There was a lot of great food, some of my favorite people, and the big event: a white elephant gift exchange. It was one of those things where everyone brings wrapped gifts and you are allowed to unwrap a gift, or steal an already open one. Gifts could only be stolen three times before they are retired. Well you know that its going to be a good name when "you are in fact allowed to steal from a nun" is a rule that actually have to be articulated!

My supervisor had given me and the other interns a gifts of a bottle of wine each. And it occurred to me part way through the gift exchange that I should try to see how many bottles of wine I could go home from work with, but this strategy failed. However, I was very successful in my thefts in the search for the perfect gift. I ended up with a "tranquility fountain" foe my desk and I was very satisfied. However, I did have to take the bus home from DuPont circle with a bottle of wine, a tranquility fountain and a large tray of vegetables. That was an interesting bus ride.

The final Christmas season party I will write about was at the home of a couple on the volunteer corps board. It was a wonderful party. They even loaned us their own car so we could drive ourselves there! When we arrived at the party, the house was full of people we had never met, and we were easily the youngest people present. But very quickly the other young adults present (they work with the hostess) found us and we held court on the porch, letting people come to us. This ended up being a very successful party strategy, and we even met a few members of Westmoreland church we'd never encountered before, by sitting still and letting them come to us.

And this wraps up my party write ups. If I went to any other parties, I'm not telling!!!

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