Thursday, January 15, 2009

And here we go!

I'm back in DC after a busy few weeks. I spent two of them at home in Walla Walla with the family for Christmas. It was incredibly snowy. I got to drive the (my) little white tempo for a total of 3 days of my 14 day visit. Highlights of this visit include relatives braving the snow to come to us on Christmas Eve, making a ton of jewelry with the dAd, and seeing my little cousins.

It seems that over the last few years my big sis Carolyn has taken a liking to waking me on Christmas morning by climbing into bed with me and bouncing. So imagine my happy surprise when I was woken by the MoM with a cup of coffee and Carolyn on the phone from Vienna! I got to see some wonderful Walla Walla friends (Kate!) and unfortunately missed connections with others. I even had wonderful Thai food with the surrogate grandparents.

I came back to DC and went back to work for two days. Then got all four of my wisdom teeth yanked out of my head. This is an ordeal that I may have been a little bit of a baby about, and am still recovering from.

And all of this leads up to INAUGURATION! DC is going crazy. The housemates and I are working out our plans for the most packed four day weekend ever. Currently I think we are going to a party on Saturday, the kick off concert on Sunday ( Bruce Springstein! Beyonce!) the crazyness that will be Tuesday and an inaugural ball at Westmoreland Tuesday night. I was somehow lucky enough to get tickets to the inauguration from my representative (thank you Eastern Washington). I'm taking Deanna and she is excited enough about the inauguration for a whole city block. We can hardly contain our excitement.

I'm back at work this week. And other than a sense of excitement, the city seems to be functioning normally. It seems that the influx of people will begin in earnest tomorrow. I'm expecting to spend most of my weekend on public transportation. I hope that several more posts about inauguration will be welcome, because I'm just getting started!


Clay said...

can you post pictures of it? Will you be allowed to take pictures? also, it was beautiful to talk to you!!!

Charlotte said...

I can indeed take pictures. I'm allowed to take in a camera (but not a camera bag). I'll see what I can do.