Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Stalking the Beastie Boys

As it turns out, party number two was a completely different scene. Bread for the City, Deanna's employer, got invited as a guest organization to a record company's swanky Christmas party. And the employee's who are part of volunteer corps got to invite their entire houses. Which meant that not only did Deanna get to invite us, but all of our favorite volunteer corps friends were there also. We've been hanging out with other volunteer corps a lot. They are awesome people and none of us have any money, so having them all at this (free) party was great.

I had already made plans with my sisters friend Maryam to got to coffee before the party. We ended up having pizza at this great place in Dupont. It has huge slices of pizza and no chairs, only counters to stand at. As it was raining outside, we stood. I had a great time with Maryam and then I was off to meet my housemates at the recording studio.

It was great, I had my name on a list and everything. That may be a first in my life! My housemates were there when I arrived, so Jen met me at the elevator, which was useful, as I would have never found them otherwise. Jen took me on a little tour, which basically consisted of wondering around their office, looking at platinum records they had produced that were hanging on the wall.

So we joined my housemates. And Deanna’s boyfriend, Joe, told me (as a form of greeting) that he thought the two men over by the coat check, were in fact the Beastie Boys. Which was very logical, as one of them was the DJ for the second stage of the party over at the 930 Club in U Street.

So I accompanied Rachel on a reconnaissance mission, AKA we stalked the Beastie Boys. We approached the target and saw the two suspects. At this point I realized that I am the worst spy ever. I have essentially no idea what the Beastie Boys look like. I know their music a little bit, and I’m aware of who they are, but I’m not sure I’ve ever seen them in any from of visual media. Definitely not at any other coat checks. So the result of the mission: well, no idea. I think so. Rachel and Joe think yes. Maybe not my finest celebrity stalking moment.

Shortly after this they started flashing the lights at us, prompting us the make the mass voyage over to the 930 Club. On the way we wondered through an adorable little Christmas Street Fair set up near Metro Center. I felt like I’d accidentally wandered into Santa's Village.

So at the 930 Club we had to stand in line, have our names on yet another list and show our ID about 7 times. But we got in and were able to dump our coats, which was great, as they really would have interfered with the crazy person dancing we then initiated. This was the best part of the night. All out vol corps friends were there, and we hung out and danced, and were ridiculous and silly.

At 10 (woah party animals) the free portion of the night was done, and so were we. We traveled back to there metro, where we almost lost Noah to the allure of a carry out place boasting all kinds of ethnic foods, which frankly scared me.

Then we went home (after taking a little nap on the metro), and tried unsuccessfully to order pizza. Finally we put a frozen pizza in the oven and went to bed. This last portion of the evening took place in reality with a lot more boisterous voices and a lot of (playful) yelling at each other, but all that will benefit from not being overly documented. Or to the contrary, sometimes I think we would be a captivating reality show.


Karolinka27 said...

What?! Are you saying that my old neighborhood scares you?! I'll have you know that you can get some of the best food in Washington DC on U Street. Oh little sister... you have a lot to learn. Good thing you've got the new year to do it!! love hearing about your adventures!

Alyson said...

I would totally watch a reality show with you in it. In fact, that would make my day